Then Address Cruiser

$912 Plus Shipping

There is only one available.

Front $1,230 overdrive clean

input back specs


The 2017 Then Address Cruiser Semi Hollow
Body Electric Guitar was assembled in
Whittier, California, USA. It has beautiful
clean tone and great overdriven tone. There
are two linear dents along 5th and 7th frets
on the back of the neck There is only one
of these.

Tone samples include:
Call to Arms by Sturgill Simpson (Neck Pickup)
Mid September by Dive Joint Slang (Both)
Standing by the Window by Pocket Jukebox
(Bridge Pickup)
Paycheck by FIDLAR (Neck Pickup)
Packaged Insurrection by Stalkers (Both)
United Forces by S.O.D. (Brige Pickup)

Intro music:
At the Isles by Gmork

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