Stiger SH-2

$100 Plus Shipping

There is only one available.

Front $115 back headstock

angle back angle fret board


This Stiger SH-2 is a great guitar with slight
neck drop but a unique balance that allows for
some smooth transition between solos and riffs.
It is lightweight, makes little to no extra noise.

The bridge has two scrapes pictured.

Tone samples include interpretations of:

Subvert City by Subhumans (neck pickup)
This Could Be by Pocket Jukebox (both pickups)
I Will Wander by The Features (bridge pickup)
Hell On Wheels by Fu Manchu (neck pickup)
Troops of Doom by Sepultura (both pickups)
My World by Electric Frankenstein (bridge pickup)
Intro music:

Call Before You Come by Stalkers

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