Circuit Bent Crate GFX-212T

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Front Grill Damage Overdrive

Clean Plugs Left

Back Specs Back Plugs

Serial Number Speakers Left Speaker

Right Speaker Right Bottom

This Crate electric guitar amplifier has been Circuit
Bent to sound like what is commonly called “Fuzz”
or “1960’s Fuzz” or “Acid Rock” Fuzz or “Fuzz
Rock” Fuzz. This is also called “ripped speaker”
sound, however as the pictures show the speakers
are still in great condition. This review also
doubles as a manual for the fuzz sounding
overdrive function that has been added to the gain

The foot switch circuit has not been tested. The
rest functions as it should.

There is damage on the cover. It has gouges and
tears all around. It will still last a while.

Tone samples include:
A Million Miles Away - Plimsouls
Descent into the Maelstrom by Radio Birdman
Anthem by Rock ‘N’ Roll Soldiers
Mouth by Fear Before

Here Together by Pocket Jukebox

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