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Felipe (Phil) Cortes

I have been posting my own music on social websites for a while,
now. It's been fun. The sonic resistance to the plotted global
technocracy is necessary. I intend to provide you with a whole other
serving of truth seeking music.

I like the truth and I like finding solutions. I understand how it is hard
for people to see through the illusions that social engineers have
constructed. I see science and technology being used against ordinary
people. I see the need for truth and solution based music. I'll keep at

Bands                                       0_0

Pocket Jukebox (Since 2006)

Felipe Cortes

Stalkers (1999 - 2001, 2009)

Felipe Cortes on Guitar and Vocals
Carlo Dibattista on Bass and Backup Vocals
Carlos Garcia on Drums

Dive Joint Slang (2004)

Felipe Cortes on Guitar, Bass and Vocals
James Rosa on Drums
Carlos Garcia on Drums

Invid (1996-1999)

Felipe Cortes on Guitars and Vocals
Ron Lidyoff on Bass
Carlos Garcia on Drums

G'mork (1995)

Felipe Cortes on Guitars, Bass and Vocals
Michael Rendon on Drums

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Net Grab (Since 2009)

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